Fall Fundraiser 2022

If you’ve ever passed by the Osprey platform located adjacent to Spring Meadow Lake State Park (actually on Highway 12 West) and wondered about that interesting little wooden structure that reaches skyward from the platform, wonder no more! The small structure has always been intended for placement of a webcam! Enter Last Chance Audubon Society. The LCAS board of directors recently chose the addition of a webcam to the Osprey platform as the 2022 Fall Fundraiser. During the months of November, December and January, donations received through our website or by mail will be earmarked for the webcam project. Schools, clubs and the general public will have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating lifecycle of Ospreys first hand! LCAS is hoping to install the camera system prior to the 2023 Osprey nesting season (Osprey generally return to the platform in early April), but this will be dependent on donation support, and the timing and availability of equipment for the installation. Our fingers are crossed!

The LCAS Board of Directors unanimously agreed to name the webcam after long-time LCAS member, Bill Rainey. Bill passed away in November 2022. He was a staple in the LCAS community, participating in everything from Nature Park cleanups to leading field trips for Birds and Beasleys, Montana WILD and our chapter. He shared a wealth of information about birds in many different settings and will be greatly missed.

Please donate to this exciting project by following the DONATE NOW link.

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