Environmental Advocacy

Last Chance Audubon responds to conservation issues through letter writing and by monitoring local, state, and national policies that effect wildlife and their habitat. The chapter has been actively involved in the development of policies for management of many areas in the Helena Valley.  In the past, LCAS participated in development of the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds duck pond and the Charles Van Hook Wetlands, located just east of the duck pond. More recently, LCAS has assisted with trail development and habitat development at the Frontage Road Wetland. Currently, LCAS is working with the City of Helena to help curb the growth of Burdock at the K-Mart Wetland, and with Prickly Pear Land Trust to conduct avian surveys along Sevenmile Creek in the north central valley.  If there are issues that concern you and feel that your chapter should get involved, please contact Brian Shovers at sholace0848@gmail.com.

from National Audubon Society

We believe in the wisdom of nature’s design.
We know that soil, water, plants, and wild creatures depend upon each other,
and are vital to human life.
We recognize that each living thing links to many others in the chain of nature.
We believe that persistent research into the intricate patterns of outdoor life
will help to assure wise use of earth’s abundance.
We condemn no wild creature and work to assure that no living species shall be lost.
We believe that every generation should be able to experience spiritual and physical refreshment in places where primitive nature is undisturbed.
So we will be vigilant to protect wilderness areas, refuges, and parks,
and to encourage good use of nature’s storehouse of resources.
We dedicate ourselves to the pleasant task of opening the eyes of young and old,
that all may come to enjoy the beauty of the outdoor world,
and to share in conserving its wonders forever.

Montana’s Legislative Session:

For updates regarding Montana’s Legislative Session, please check in with Montana Audubon by visiting the Montana Audubon Legislative Page.