2021 LCAS Scholarship Awards
High School Awards

This year two students were selected to receive the LCAS Scholarship: Erin Robinson, Capital High and Claire Downing, Helena High.

Erin Robinson plans to attend Montana State University in the Fall, to pursue her interests in animal behavior, evolutionary biology, and zoology with an emphasis on ornithology. In addition to her school activities she is a four-year volunteer at the Montana Wildlife Center. Her work with and interest in bird behavior, has resulted in her pursuit of a falconry license. From her letter of recommendation from Ali Pons, Montana Wildlife  Rehabilitation  Center Coordinator: ” She has a thirst for knowledge  and a presence that myself and other volunteers at the Wildlife Center admire and gravitate towards.”

Claire Downing plans to attend Vanderbilt University in the Fall to pursue interdisciplinary studies in ecology, evolution, and biology. She has extensive involvement with both school and community environmental activities and research efforts. She has served as a volunteer with BLM and the USFS and last summer was an intern with the American Fisheries Society Hutton Fisheries Biology Program. From her letter of recommendation from her science teacher, Tyler Hollow: “Claire’s confidence in her knowledge and application of science makes her a natural leader..”

Congratulations Claire and Erin! Good luck and best wishes in your scholastic endeavors!

Carroll College Grants

In the spring of 2019, LCAS awarded two grants to Carroll College students Tessa Grove and Shane Sater.  Shane and Tessa were the first ever Carroll students to receive these awards. Both grants supported projects and research applicable to Lewis and Clark County and were consistent with the LCAS mission statement.  Congratulations Tessa and Shane!  Following are summaries of their projects with attached links:

Tessa Grove –

A Spatially Explicit Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of Managing and Conserving Wild Bird Habitats in the Helena Valley, focuses on the costs and benefits of implementing conservation areas in eight different subregions around Helena. It concludes that the benefits outweigh the costs in all subregions; however, economic and social impacts should be considered. The detailed report includes the history of Audubon Societies, the scope of the project, model framework, predicted costs and benefits, and summary and discussion of results.

Shane Sater –

Status of the Bird Community on a Riparian-Grassland Restoration Site in the Helena Valley: April 2017 – March 2019, summarizes bird observations during two years of surveys on Sevenmile Creek, the site of an ongoing stream restoration project by Prickly PearLand Trust. Included are background information about the context of the site such as geology and vegetation; a seasonal “calendar” with descriptions of typical conditions and tables of frequently seen bird species; and documentation of breeding bird species in 2017 and 2018.