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The 2015 March Natural History Lecture Series begins Thursday, March 5th at 6:30. Each subsequent Thursday during March a lecture focusing on Montana State Parks will be presented. Please click this link for the March line up and a full description of each week's program.


Uganda - A Birders Paradise

Ronan Donovan, a conservation photographer, will present an introduction to the vast bird community found in Uganda. His talk will feature stunning photos of the colorful bird species he observed during a year spent in Uganda. Uganda's land area is 60% of Montana's and boasts over 1,000 bird species. This is a testament to the diverse ecosystems found within this small country. From the tallest mountain range in Africa, the Rwenzori Mountains, to the shores of Lake Victoria - Uganda is truly a birders paradise.

Born in the house his father built in rural Vermont, Ronan Donovan spends his time focusing on wildlife conservation issues in central Africa and the Rocky Mountains. He has been drawn to birds since his first field biology work with spotted owls in Yosemite California in 2007. Donovan spent all of 2011 in Uganda Africa conducting a photography project for Harvard University that focused on wild chimpanzees in Kibale National Park. During the weeks spent alongside chimps in the forest canopy, he was able to capture unique images of the canopy bird life found in the equatorial rainforest of Central Africa. Donovan has published several magazine articles in Africa's leading birding magazine: Africa Birds & Birding.

BIRD FESTIVAL 2015 PREVIEW!Bird Fest Image.jpg

Mark your calendars! Montana Audubon's annual bird festival "Wings Across the Big Sky" is coming to Helena! This year's festival will be co-hosted by Last Chance Audubon and will take place June 5-7, 2015 at the Red Lion Colonial Hotel. Montana Audubon's Cathie Erickson is coordinating the festival and has given us a sneak preview of some of the high lights we can expect at the festival. Check out Cathie's monthly newsletter.

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On Saturday, December 20, 2014, Last Chance Audubon members gathered in force to scour the Helena area in support of National Audubon's Christmas Bird Count. The group met at Jorgenson's Restaurant in the early hours and were hot on the trail by 8:00 am. Nine groups and several hearty solo individuals left on a beautiful Montana winter morning and spent the better part of the day counting birds. The relatively warm winter we are experiencing led to some improved numbers in water dependent species as counters found open water throughout the valley. Numbers have been tallied and are available by clicking CBC 2014 RESULTS. To view eBird postings from the day click here for Section 5 results and here for Section 7 results. You can also catch the Helena Independent Record's recount of the day at

Please click on the menu tab "Christmas Bird Count" to view count areas and to see data from previous CBC counts in the Helena area.