April Program

Birding Adventures in Argentina
Chucao Tapaculo photo by Jim Smith

WHEN:  Tuesday, April 9, 7:00PM  Cookies and Conversation 6:30PM – 7:00
WHERE:  Montana WILD Education Center, 2668 Broadwater Ave. Helena MT

Eager to share their birding adventures in Argentina, Leslie and Jim Smith will describe their bird and wildlife watching experiences during 4 trips to the area. In 2009 they took their first trip to Argentina for a fly-fishing adventure in Patagonia which included a 5 day float on the Chubut River.  It turned out to be a spectacular bird watching experience where they took hundreds of photos. They have returned 3 more times, to areas including Patagonia, Alerces National Park and the Atlantic Coast.  Their presentation will include a variety of bird and wildlife photos from the various regions… Read more

Cornell Bird Conservation Grant

Sevenmile Creek in May by Shane Sater
Last Chance Audubon has partnered with Prickly Pear Land Trust (PPLT) on a bird conservation grant application in support of the Sevenmile Creek restoration project. This April will mark two years of LCAS’ involvement in the project, monitoring birds in the restoration areas. If awarded, the $20,000 grant from The Cornell Lab and the Land Trust Alliance will support the final phase of stream restoration as well as more detailed bird surveys during the breeding season using a spot-mapping protocol. PPLT is the primary applicant for the grant, and LCAS is a collaborator. For more information, contact Shane Sater, shsater@gmail.com.



Red-breasted Nuthatch photo by Bob Martinka

On Saturday, December 15th, Last Chance Audubon hosted the annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC).  We had over 70 volunteers that helped survey the valley for birds and over 60 bird species were tabulated!  The volunteer turn out this season was the record number of participants ever in a Helena CBC!  Thanks everyone for helping us with this important citizen science effort.  Interestingly, CBC compiler Coburn Currier also reported that we had the fewest number of birds seen in a Helena CBC.  While species numbers seemed to be on par with previous years, overall bird numbers were down.  Complete 2018 results for the count can be found at our Christmas Bird Count link.


LCAS will again be awarding up to two academic scholarships to high school seniors pursuing a collegiate degree during the 2019-2020 school year.  Interested students must fulfill the requirements found on the Scholarship page and students from any District 1 high school are eligible to apply.  Deadline for the award is April 15th.

LCAS has added an additional opportunity for a scholarship to Carroll College students interested in research projects within their major course of study.  The award is dependent on the project and its merits.  All projects must have a basis in conservation or environmental advocacy and must endorse the LCAS mission statement.  Additional information can be found at lastchanceaudubon.org/learning/scholarship/



Last Chance Audubon recently received a generous donation from Larry Urban and Montana Department of Transportation (MDT). Larry is the Wetlands Mitigation Specialist for MDT and was able to secure replacement nesting boxes for the K-Mart Wetlands area just west of I-15. Over the winter the boxes will be placed at the wetlands and birds arriving next spring will find new homes for the upcoming nesting season. Thank you Larry and all who volunteered time to build the boxes! For more information about Montana’s nesting birds and how to help please visit Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s website https://nestwatch.org/learn/all-about-birdhouses/ .