Birding Central Brazil: The Pantanal and Cerrado
Blue-and-yellow Macaw by Bob Martinka

When:  Tuesday, November 6, 2018, 7:00PM  – Cookies and Conversation 6:30PM – 7:00
Where: Montana WILD Education Center, 2668 Broadwater Ave.
Presented by Bob Martinka

*Please note – Program is the first Tuesday of November

If you are a birder and enjoy travel then Brazil’s Pantanal region should be on your bucket list according to Bob Martinka.  Join Bob as he describes his recent birding trip to this region, one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world. The birds, wildlife and vegetation are a reflection of this diversity.  It is a vast, seasonally flooded wetland, perhaps the largest in the world, and the birding there is world renowned.   Read More…


Balloon Bird!

Yes, the days are getting shorter and the birds are molting their summer plumage – signs that we are moving toward the 2018-2019 Last Chance Audubon Season.  Our program director, Liz Hiltunen has been busy planning a host of outstanding presentations for the upcoming season.  These can be found by following the Chapter Programs link.   Montana Audubon and project coordinator, Amy Seaman will be heading up the planning and follow through for the upcoming GEMS (Golden Eagle Migration Survey) season.  Stay tuned for flight details!  Stream remediation on Sevenmile Creek continues and avian project leader, Shane Sater plans to continue surveys through the fall.  Contact Shane to help out on a survey – no experience necessary!  There is plenty going on!  Watch the for the October eNewsletter – Last Chance Chat– for fall events and happenings!  Need to subscribe?  It’s free simply by clicking HERE!


Last Chance Audubon recently received a generous donation from Larry Urban and Montana Department of Transportation (MDT).  Larry is the Wetlands Mitigation Specialist for MDT and was able to secure replacement nesting boxes for the K-Mart Wetlands area just west of I-15.  Over the winter the boxes will be placed at the wetlands and birds arriving next spring will find new homes for the upcoming nesting season.  Thank you Larry and all who volunteered time to build the boxes!  For more information about Montana’s nesting birds and how to help please visit Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s website https://nestwatch.org/learn/all-about-birdhouses/ .


Each year, November and December represent Last Chance Audubon’s fundraising season.  Our Fall fundraiser is LCAS’s effort to put our mission statement to work.

Grizzly Bear Glacier National Park
by Liz Hiltunen

The funds raised during these two months, remain in our community, and are used for education, habitat protection and supporting efforts to protect the environment – all in the Helena area!

Past projects we have supported have included the Golden Eagle Migration Survey (GEMS), Senior Scholarships Awards, Charles Van Hook Wetlands support and avian surveys ongoing at Sevenmile Creek .  Please consider helping us keep Helena a bird friendly community by making a donation at the November and December program meetings.  All donations are tax deductible.