April Program Announced!

Western Tanager by Ted Reichert

Backroad Discoveries and Photography
with Ted Reichert
Tues. April 9, 2024 – Program Begins 7:00PM
Montana WILD, 2668 Broadwater Ave.
Free – All Are Welcome

An avid bird and wildlife photographer, Ted Reichert has been working to improve his skills for
the challenges of bird photography. As anyone who practices bird photography knows, he says
this is probably one of the hardest photography genres to perfect. Finding most birds are skittish and fast moving, he set out to find a location close to Helena that he could frequent and perfect his skills. He discovered Chevallier Drive, Duffy Lane and Little Prickly Pear Creek. Ted will describe his surprise at the amazing diversity of birds in the area and how he started to find several life birds as well as other wildlife. Using his exceptional photographs, many with images from the last two years, he will share his discoveries of many common and not so common birds and wildlife.

Ted Reichert has enjoyed wildlife photography most of his life, with birding photography
becoming his dominant pastime for the last 10 years. He attended the Helena School of
Aeronautics and joined the Montana National Guard in 1968, where he worked full time and
retired after 40 years. He worked as a helicopter mechanic for 20 years and the last 20 years as a
full-time computer programmer and systems analyst. Ted and his wife have been extensive
hikers and outdoor enthusiasts most of their lives, hiking Mt Helena and trails around the state.
His outstanding wildlife photography is also posted on Facebook.

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