Black Swift Surveys Update

Black Swift by Bo Crees
Tuesday, March 12, 2024 – Program begins 7:00PM
Montana WILD, 2668 Broadwater Ave.
Free – All Are Welcome

The Black Swift is one the most unusual species that calls Montana home every summer. In this presentation Bo Crees will describe the Black Swift nest-searching and discoveries in the state, survey protocols, and some of the most common challenges dealt with while carrying out swift surveys in remote locations, including high waterfalls.  The most recent survey season (summer 2023) will be the focus of this talk, including the challenges of each multi-day backpacking trip to known- or potential- Black Swift nesting areas. He will share the 2023 survey outcomes of 25+ swift nesting sites in Western MT. Plans for the upcoming 2024 season include making some significant changes to the sampling methods that will hopefully result in better understanding of Black Swift distribution and occupancy in Montana.

Boaz (Bo) Crees grew up in Israel, where he gained a deep appreciation of the natural world while traveling and going on frequent hikes with his father. After moving to Michigan with his family in 1995, and then pursuing outdoor adventures in the west, he graduated from the University of Montana in 2010 with a BS in Wildlife Biology. He has been involved in many bird research projects in academia, and with various agencies, NGOs, and consulting. Bo has worked as a wildlife technician in every western US state, British Columbia and Mexico. Moving to Helena in 2016, he has worked with the Montana Natural Heritage Program since 2016, and has been working as an avian specialist for the Montana Natural Heritage Program and Montana Audubon since 2019.

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