2024 Birdathon


We have some NEW Birdathon teams this year, which adds a lot to the “friendly competition” between teams, like: which team can find the most species of birds within 24-hours? Which team can raise the most money? Which team can present the most entertaining Report after the ‘thon? Funds go to our various LCAS projects, such as Grant money to PPLT for planting new trees at Sevenmile Creek, Scholarships for graduating high school seniors, the Bill Rainey Memorial Osprey-cam, and covering some of the costs involved in co-hosting the Bird Festival. Reach-out and support the team of your choice – or more than one! Know that every dollar counts!


Audubon Double – Janice Miller, Sharon Dewart-Hansen, Coburn Currier, and MT Audubon’s Lauren Smith. – Jan2854@gmail.com
Big Foot & Baldy – Sara Toubman & Cedron Jones – cedronjones@hotmail.com
Birds of a Feather – Berta Nason & Rita Nason – bknason56@gmail.com
Brother Can You Sparrow Dime? Jo Lace, Brian Shovers, Don & Andrea Stierle – 406-443-6640
Chick Magnets – Jack Marshall, Dylan Yonce, Drew Hays, & Griffen Smith – jack.marshall.griz@gmail.com
Greenwings – Mike & Trudy Burke – miburke077@gmail.com



Birdathon requires a day long commitment to bird searching. In advance, teams are asked to contact family and friends or local businesses for sponsorship. this can be a set amount or a donation that is determined by the number of species seen during the count. On the day of the count teams set out on a 24 hour trek looking for birds to add to their “Big Day” list. Teams may also do half day counts or “feeder” counts. The idea is to list as many species as possible (wherever you count) and to raise funds for Last Chance Audubon.

To sponsor a Birdathon Team or to be a team, contact Jo Lace at 443-6640 or at sholace0848@gmail.com

Where do funds raised from Birdathon go?

Funds raised from the Birdathon effort support local habitat protection and conservation projects.

Recent projects that LCAS has supported:

  • Grant to Helena Middle School to organize an Ornithology Club
  • Purchase of Bird Field Guides for local school libraries
  • Two $1000 college scholarship awards to graduating high school seniors interested in conservation or wildlife management/biology.
  • Kessler School Bird Habitat project, 2 grants at $2,000 each
  • Carroll College Native Plant Garden at $500
  • Three contributions of $500 each for Montana Audubon’s Birds of Montana book (published June, 2016)
  • A flight cage at Montana Wild for $500
  • Donation of $700 to Montana FW&P for a bench overlooking Spring Meadow Lake
  • Educational grant to Jennifer Stadum of $700 for grade school teacher’s materials
  • A grant of $2,500 to assist in planning of Sixth Ward Urban Forest Garden project

Each year one-half of donations to our annual Birdathon go to Montana Audubon. Last year’s donation amounted to $1500 and previous donations topped $1,800.

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