October Program Announced

Biomimicry: Design Innovations from the Bird World

Short-eared Owl by Bob Martinka

When: Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 7:00PM – Cookies and Conversation 6:30PM – 7:00
Where: Montana WILD Education Center, 2668 Broadwater Ave.

How can birds inspire the designs created by engineers? Marie Z. Bourgeois will describe Biomimicry, an emerging science that takes inspiration from nature to create sustainable designs for human use.  Birds are remarkable creatures and biomimics copy their unique strategies in many products and processes. This presentation explains how this science is changing the design process and why observations of birders are a valuable part of the process to create a more sustainable world.

Marie Zanowick Bourgeois is a creative civil engineer with 25 years of experience working for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the areas of sustainability and served as an EPA international expert to provide regulatory and sustainability assistance to developing countries. She combines her educational background from the University of Colorado in Biology, Public Health, and her MS degree in Civil Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and MS from Arizona State University (ASU) in Biomimicry with her regulatory experience and facilitation skills to produce innovative solutions to a wide range of challenges.  Ms. Bourgeois uses biomimicry as the method of choice in solving environmental challenges.

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