April Program Announced

Birding Adventures in Argentina

WHEN:  Tuesday, April 9, 7:00PM  Cookies and Conversation 6:30PM – 7:00
WHERE:  Montana WILD Education Center, 2668 Broadwater Ave. Helena MT

Chucao Tapaculo photo by Jim Smith

Eager to share their birding adventures in Argentina, Leslie and Jim Smith will describe their bird and wildlife watching experiences during 4 trips to the area. In 2009 they took their first trip to Argentina for a fly-fishing adventure in Patagonia which included a 5 day float on the Chubut River.  It turned out to be a spectacular bird watching experience where they took hundreds of photos. They have returned 3 more times, to areas including Patagonia, Alerces National Park and the Atlantic Coast.  Their presentation will include a variety of bird and wildlife photos from the various regions, including the Magellanic Penguin, Burrowing Parrot, Black-necked Swans, Buff Necked Ibis and Southern Lapwing.

Leslie and Jim Smith describe themselves as avid amateur birders, but not life-list types. They have always had an interest in birds. Both are from California. Leslie grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where her parents took them hiking/bird watching every weekend in the Coast Ranges and along the Pacific coast.  In the summers they were in the Sierras. Jim grew up in the northern Sacramento valley, in the flyway of the migrations. Both are retired from the mortgage business.  Leslie has been teaching fitness classes for 20 years.  Jim is enjoying retirement and both love to spend their spare time continuing to discover Montana.

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