October Program Announced

Common Nighthawk by Amy Seaman
Missouri River Survey
Citizens Science in Our Montana Watersheds

Join Montana Audubon’s Amy Seaman and Caroline Provost for a tour of the research and citizen science outreach they completed during the recent summer’s survey season. Sites visited include waterfalls throughout western Montana, the Madison and Missouri Rivers, Ninepipe NWR and colonial waterbird habitats. Learn how each of these projects relate to the specific watershed and geography where they occur, and how your local watershed may shape the bird species you see around you. Wetlands and riparian areas make up just 4% of our state, but they harbor a great diversity of the unique breeding birds that our speakers surveyed this year.

Amy Seaman joined Montana Audubon in 2013 after earning her M.S in Biology from the University of Nevada, Reno and spending many seasons surveying birds in the west. She was appointed the Montana Audubon (MA) Director of Policy & Science in 2019. Her avian research experiences have taken her to Montana locations such as the Madison and Missouri Rivers, the Helena, Mission, and Blackfoot Valleys, the C. M. Russell NWR, the Bitterroot Valley, Glacier National Park, Bridger Ridge, and more.  She holds a love for the natural world, especially bird songs, and is committed to preserving the values of the natural world for current and future generations.

Caroline Provost grew up in North Carolina and spent her free time exploring and birding along the coast. After graduating from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a B.S. in Environmental science and a minor in Biology, she moved to Montana to work with MA as a Big Sky Watershed Corp member. Caroline is thrilled to be able to connect with the heart-grabbing habitats and communities throughout Montana while expanding her ecological knowledge.

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