Monitoring Montana’s Wolverines and Lynx: An Update

Presenters: Bret Davis and Kaylon Baughan
   Female wolverine,  Helena National Forest,   photo by Kaylon Baughan
Tuesday, November 14, 2023, 7:00PM
Montana WILD, 2668 Broadwater Ave.
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After completing a fourth year of study of Wolverines and Lynx in the mountains along the Continental Divide and central Montana, Bret Davis and Kaylon Baughan are returning to give an update on their popular presentation of November of 2022.  Since forming their own company, Wild Ideas, LLC they have focused on these two of Montana’s most iconic and threatened species. Their four years of study has given them a unique view into the world of these wild and seldom seen creatures. This past year has led to some new discoveries which they are excited to share. Their talk will also describe the novel ways they identify and monitor individual wolverines utilizing photographs. The animal’s natural life histories, camera trap photographs (with both traditional game cameras and professional DSLR equipment), and perspectives on current issues in conservation and preservation of Montana’s wild ecosystems will be covered.

Bret currently works in Bozeman as a research scientist in a physics laboratory. He has worked on numerous conservation projects, primarily with birds, throughout the state of Montana and from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the wild woods of Alaska. Kalon lives outside Helmville, Montana along the shore of Nevada Creek Reservoir and works as a professional artist and photographer. On the side, he has dedicated the past 13 years to wildlife conservation developing non-invasive methods integrating trail camera technology for monitoring rare forest carnivores.

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